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How do I connect a headset to an Xbox One?

The emergence of Xbox one is a revolution in the gaming industry and it lured in every virtual game enthusiasts to procure one. Connecting a headset options are available lately in Xbox one as it creates zero disturbance to others who plays it. Players all over the world loves using a headset with an Xbox One not to reducing disturbance to others but to procure better gaming experience. If you are spending more time on Xbox one lately and wondering which headset suits best, understand the fact that there is no longer necessary to purchase costly gaming headset. Sticking to your normal headset is enough, you might lose some nuances but trust me you won’t regret.

How to connect headset to Xbox One?

The below listed are the tips to connect a headset to an Xbox One effectually and procure better gaming experience.

When you have recent version of Xbox one controller, connecting headset is just a piece of cake. But the gamers employing earlier versions of Xbox one have no headset jack and they must invest in stereo headset adapter if they want to connect a headset. The stereo headset adapter connects to the bottom of the controller and leaves a place to hook your headset in the adapter.

Alluring features to enjoy when connecting headsets in Xbox one:

When you connect your headset, you can relish their alluring features it encompasses such as volume adjusting, chat with other gamers you are playing with and mute whenever you want.

Sound adjustments can be done with ease. Sourcing the console, you can control the audio. If you are not familiar with adjusting sounds with Xbox consoles, then press Xbox button on controller. It opens the guide where you can find “System” option. Select “Audio” to make sound adjustments.


If you want to experience advanced feature and perfectly fine with spending money, you can procure the latest headset associated with microphone. Find time to learn more about features like headphones impedance to make the right choice.

These are much loved by avid gamers lately. To procure a finest headphones, check out the online shopping markets or visit your nearest stores. Scrutinize its features and make sure it meets all your expectations. Checking feedbacks on online paves a way to fish out its efficacies and make well informed decision.

Connect your headset with Xbox one hassle free and procure the best gaming experience every day.